The Design Process

The Design Process is similar for Commercial and Residential projects.  The timeline below represents the course a typical project may follow;  smaller projects will be a truncated version of this.  The process is planned to give you piece of mind that the design aligns with your vision at all stages.  The length of each stage varies for every project, depending on size & complexity, and an overall timeline will be determined at the outset.


The Brief & initial consultation

When you are ready to start, we’ll make a time to meet at your property to discuss your ideas and needs.  During this initial consultation, I will view your property, take some photos as well as view any existing plans & a conduct a preliminary survey.  We’ll discuss overall requirements, use & layout of rooms and areas, aesthetics, essential elements and “nice to haves”, future requirements, as well as your budget & timeframe.  This preliminary discussion will allow me to establish a detailed scope of work, and a design fee.

For more advise on Design services fees, refer to Commerical & Residential services further information.


Site Analysis

Whether you are looking at one or multiple sites, do you know how your organisation fit now & in the future?  Do the building services and amenities suit your needs?  Ask for advise before you sign a lease or purchase.

You’re looking for a tenancy.   Do you know how much area you need now?  How much area will you need in 5 years from now?  How do you compare each site, when the area areas the same but the floor plans are totally different?  Does the tenancy have enough basic services for your needs?  It the building in a heritage overlay?  If you need help on these points, as well as advise on how well your current organisation & future needs fits into the tenancies you are considering before signing a lease or purchasing, it’s never too soon to ask for professional advice.


Space Planning

No matter the size of your space, current needs and future expansion can be established and planned for from the outset.  Optional layouts can be explored at this stage to get the most of of your space.

Analysing a client’s current and future Business needs, and the development of accommodation standards to suit individual companies, seniority and departments to create a unique layout for each project.  An all-round knowledge of services and local statutory requirements and consideration of staff welfare are all underlying key factors considered during planning.

If your project is Residential in nature, well look at how spaces are used day to day, paths of travel & circulation, rooms that need to serve a dual purpose, and how you are likely to live in your home now, and in the future.



During the Concept design stage, Your vision will be defined, given substance and consolidated into a design to meet your expectations.

Together we can create a space that explores your preferred style, as well as interactions and experiences, in line with your vision.  This stage begins with mood boards to establish the look & feel of the space.  This is a particularly vital process, as it ensures we are both on the same page, and ensures that I correctly interpreted your vision right from the start.  We’ll look at colour, texture, consider various design styles, and explore possible finishes, fixtures & furnishings.

For a commercial project, preliminary Branding concepts for your workplace are explored at this stage.

Depending upon the project requirements, layouts will be further refined & preliminary Visuals may also be produced at this stage.


Design Development

The design development stage is were we look at details, look at options for furniture, fixtures & finishes, and it all starts coming together visually.  We’ll resolve the design and functionality of any bespoke items like kitchen joinery, buffets, reception desks, etc.  If necessary, a showroom visit or two can be planned at this stage to trial key furniture pieces before final decisions are made.

Key services will be reviewed & co-ordinated with the services engineer or contractor;  air-conditioning, audio -visual requirements, power and data, security, fire safety, lighting, etc.

Depending upon the project requirements, layouts will be further refined & Visuals may also be produced at this stage.  The design is signed off, and the layout is frozen at this stage, prior to proceeding to Documentation.



Now that the design is frozen, documentation is produced ready for Tender issue, and building owner approvals & building permits if necessary.  Final finishes, furniture & fixtures selections are incorporated into the documentation.

Plans & schedules will be produced to detail your design:  wall layouts & types, furniture layouts & schedules, ceiling layouts & light fixtures, wall & floor finishes layouts, etc.  Any bespoke joinery will be details at a larger scale, and final finishes & joinery fixtures documented.   These plans will be co-ordinated with services & structural engineering drawings.

Approvals, Tender, Construction & Handover

These plans are then ready for building permits & submission for approvals & tender.  During tender, I’ll be available to answer contractors questions about the design & documentation.

After tender stage, construction documentation will be produced, with any final changes incorporated at this stage.

During construction, I’ll be available to attend regular site meetings, and answer contractors questions & resolve any final details on site.  A final defects inspection may be arranged towards the end of the construction period, and a defects list produced & monitored.   After handover, any necessary “As Built” documentation will be produced by myself and services contractors.

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