Absolu Hair Salon – Opening night

Finally, after 11 months of preparation planning, design and construction, the Absolu Hair Salon celebrated their opening night last Saturday, with perfect Melbourne spring weather to accompany it (the evening was the most mild we’ve had since last Autumn).

The owner of Absolu purchased this shop in a shell and core state (no floor coverings, wall linings, ceilings or services) last year. This new retail space is double the size of their old location.

Lisa Elliott worked with the owner to plan the new shop, increasing the number salon styling chairs from 4 to 6, increasing the hair wash basin chairs from 2 to 3. The larger tenancy allowed for the brief to be expanded to include a separate staff lunch & colour mixing room, and a separate beauty room to offer complimentary services.

Customers are welcomed into the space with a centrally placed coffee point & island bar with stools to encourage the highly social service that hair styling represents. Feature lighting directly above the bar and black marble finish with waterfall ends to the counter itself forms the figurative foundation stone for this dynamic service oriented small business.

The on-site construction stage progressed smoothly; the documentation I provide is thorough, with an attention to detail that minimises the need for the designer to attend site. I always believe that a good set of drawings will provide the best outcome for the finished development, maintaining the best control for the final construction to align with the design intent, while minimising surprises and variations during construction.

30% increase in customers since opening in 1 month

The overwhelming feedback from my client and her customers was that there is so much more space, the improvement in the quality of light which is so important for colour work, and the opportunity to provide more complimentary services to the business. The new salon shopfront has improved visibility on the main road, with new signage, and the more illuminated interior.

For more information on the design process of this project, click here

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