Fukuryu Ramen

Employer:  Smith Madden Group

Client:  Fukuryu Ramen

Project:  Flagship Restaurant, 22 Corrs Lane, Melbourne

Description:  Restaurant

Role:  Project design leader, space planning, concept design & documentation, including interior design, services engineer co-ordination and site meeting attendance.

The Client had a distinct idea for the ‘look’ of this Ramen noodle restaurant;  an industrial setting inspired by graffiti, Yakuza body tattoo art and was intimately involved in the design process.  The Client ones 22 Corrs lane, and the existing 100 year old building under a heritage overlay in Melbourne’s China Town presented the designers with many challenges to bring the building up to present day standards of compliance, whilst maintaining the Owners vision and the distinctive grunge of the inner city laneways.

Date:  2012-13

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