Planning a Bathroom renovation when you only have one bathroom

One of the biggest obstacles to renovating a bathroom is the thought of having to live and manage while the work takes place. The key to success here is planning. A bathroom renovation generally takes 4 – 8 weeks, depending upon the amount of work involved, and if there are any items like the shower screen or vanity that need to be made to order. Feature fixtures are often imported, and some materials such as terrazzo which is on-trend at the moment may have a lead time if there is not enough stock available for your project at the time of order. A construction schedule needs to be prepared by your builder, allowing for these and other obstacles.

Working with a plan and documentation including elevations and a set of specifications for all your fixtures, fittings and finishes will allow for your builder to commence the project with a clear end result in mind, minimising changes midway through a project to achieve the result you want.

In an ideal world, all finishes and fixtures selected for each project would be readily available off the shelf, however to achieve this designers check product availability and lead times during the selection process, as well as checking the cost of items to ensure they are within your budget range. Find out more in my blog post The Design Process

Your designer will flag any items on you wish list that may require early ordering to ensure they are ready & on site when needed. Frameless glass shower screens and custom made vanities are among the items that do require additional time to manufacture prior to installation.

During construction, some simple planning can make living through a bathroom renovation manageable. Is your toilet within the room that is being renovated? If so, Consider hiring a port-a-loo. Some clients manage to get away with using the shower at work or the gym. In many cases this is not feasible, especially if you have children. Hiring a portable shower or even a portable ensuite for the duration of your project is an option.

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