How to plan a Bedroom Makeover

We spend so much of our time in the bedroom, it’s important to create a space for relaxation and to get a good night’s sleep. Many clients have been dreaming for years of their bedroom redesign; when the opportunity finally arrives, it’s important to get the planning right to ensure that the end result was worth the wait. If you do not plan ahead, you risk spending more than you initially planned to get the result you want, or run off the rails ending up with a half completed project that never seems to get done. Take the opportunity to book a free Discovery Call and discuss the possibilities of your project with me.

How much should you spend?

How much is a piece of string? This is about personal choice & individual circumstances; depending upon your finances, level of expectation of quality, how long you expect the furniture to last? Establish a realistic expectation of your budget at the start, AND allow for a 10% contingency for all the little things that you forgot or didn’t think to consider. Refer to my blog post How much does it cost to furnish a Master Bedroom? and How much does it cost to furnish a bedroom for a Young Adult? for advice for how much to budget for.

Level of Quality

Right from the start, align your expectations of quality versus available budget to ensure you don’t end up dissatisfied with the end product. You cannot expect to ‘make a silk purse from a sow’s ear’ or expect ‘champagne on a beer budget’ unless you are prepared to do all the work yourself and make quite a few compromises in quality. A good guideline below allows you to pin-point your individual Level of Quality.

  • Average entry-level quality (ie. no name brands, basic equipment, self-assembled furniture). To put this in perspective, you’ll be expecting to shop at Ikea, Target, Kmart, etc. Wall treatments will be standard paint. For more advice on this Level of Quality, explore my blog post How much does it cost to furnish a bedroom for a Young Adult?
  • Quality level (well known brands, superior equipment, joinery standard furniture). Expect to shop at Freedom Furniture, OZ Design Furniture, Adairs, Bed Bath & Table, etc. You may wish to explore the option of wall paper or an artisan wall paint and some framed prints. Refer to my blog post How much does it cost to furnish a Master Bedroom? for more advice on this level of quality.
  • Prestige (designer brands, handcrafted furniture, bespoke). For this level of furniture, expect your designer to source from places like Coco Republic, Globe West, King Furniture, etc. Some elements of the room, like your bedhead, dresser & wardrobe may be custom-made by a local cabinet maker or joiner. There may be wall panelling on the walls, and limited edition prints or original artwork by a local artist.

Focus On:

  • A quality bed & linen for a good night’s sleep
  • Functional and sufficient storage to help you maintain a pleasant environment without all the clutter of daily life
  • Curtains (or blinds) to control light & even cut down on outdoor noise

Your Bedroom Planning Checklist

Before you begin planning, consider the following:

  1. Is your bedroom purely for sleeping, or do you need to accomodate a retreat zone, reading nook, work or study area, yoga, breakfast-in-bed, TV, or space for a hobby?
  2. Is quality of sleep a concern for you?
  3. What is your favourite colour? Do you have a particular interest, or even favorite artwork that could be your jumping-off point for the style of the room?
  4. Does you have any allergies (ie dust, etc) that may impact upon design decisions such as whether you go for carpet or a hard floor finish?
  5. Is there any existing furniture, artwork or other items that need to be reused in the room? What items can be refurbished?
  6. Are you an avid 2nd hand store / Op Shopper? Does your style lend itself to retro / antique finds? Do you have time to search for those rare diamonds in the rough? Do you have the skill / time to refurbish any found items?
  7. How much of the room will be changed to accommodate the new design? Do you plan on repainting, new lighting & new window treatments?
  8. Will you be installing new flooring, or just giving it a professional clean & hiding worn areas with a new rug.
  9. Will you be doing some or most of the work yourself, or will you hire trades?
  10. Will you realistically have the time to do any of the work yourself or will you self-sabotage your project before it even gets out of the starting block by over committing your own time or over estimating your own skill level?

Plan, plan, plan!

Don’t pass ‘Go’ without drawing up a plan!

When selecting your new furniture, make sure you draw up a plan, taking into account for the space that the door & wardrobe doors take up when they open. Take into consideration any drawers on furniture that need to open, and if you have a day bed or sofa bed, account for the additional space they take up when ‘open’. Make sure those big bedside tables actually fit beside your bed. Do you really have space for the armchair that you really wanted? Where are the power points? Can you easily plug in bedside lamps or are the outlets hidden behind the bedhead? Avoid positioning the bed head near a window (in Melbourne’s climate it will leave you with a cold head during the night!)

Consider your paths of traffic from the door to the bathroom & around the bed, ensuring that you have a safe and clear path in case of emergency or for a trip to the toilet in the middle of the night!

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