How much does it cost to furnish a Master Bedroom?

Clients often ask me how much does it cost to furnish a house? What we imagine it will cost to furnish a room and what it actually does is very different.  Not many people actually plan to purchase the furniture and accessories for a whole room (or even an entire house) all at one time.  Unless you’re luck enough to win the lottery, this generally happens over a period of years as you live in the space. Yet many people find themselves in exactly this position of wanting to make a big change, particularly when planning a full home renovation, building or buying a new home.

It may surprise you that Home Contents Calculators value the cost of furnishing a single storey 4 bedroom/2 bathroom home in Melbourne anywhere from $44,300 – $69,900+ (Average – no name brands, basic equipment, self-assembled furniture), to $110,400 – $165,100+ (Quality – Well known brands, superior equipment, joinery standard furniture) and up to $261,795 – $397,500+ (Prestige – Designer brands, handcrafted furniture). These estimated figures include floorings and window coverings, but do not include built in cabinetry, ceiling lighting or built in appliances & fixtures (ovens, sinks, etc). It should be noted that the itemised figures in the calculator are somewhat on the conservative side, compared to what it actually costs to purchase items.

How much does it cost to furnish a Master bedroom with mid-range Quality furnishings?

The cost to fully furnish your master bedroom at a Quality level (well known brands, superior equipment, joinery standard furniture) including new floating timber floorings, new rug, a fresh coat of paint, new lighting, new walk-in closet area & window coverings will come in at around $31237.19 RRP approximately. I generally allow a 10% contingency in addition to this, for unforeseen circumstances, or if you happen to forget something. This is also assuming you coordinate all the trades yourself & do all the purchasing, and pick up the furniture yourself (delivery costs excluded).

Let’s break it down

Sceptical? Let’s work through each item for this Master bedroom design, which is 24 square metres with gallery walk in wardrobe, and 2.7m ceilings.

To give you an idea of the level of quality, most of the furniture and accessories below are sourced from Freedom, Domayne, Oz Design Furniture & Adairs.

New timber look hybrid floor planks – estimate24 sq metres$88 supply & install approx per sq/m$2112
New standard wall paint (3 coats) to 3 walls11 lt approx$214 /15lt$214
New artisan wall paint & base coat (3 coats) to 1 wall – estimate6 lt approx$126/2lt artisan paint
$126/2lt artisan base
$126/2lt undercoat
New wallpaper to both sides of central wall4 rolls$69 per roll$276
New ceiling paint (3 coats)6lt approx$130/10 lt$130
Paint 3 doors, window & trims (3 coats)5lt approx$92.90/4lt$185.80
Cost of painter 2 days$400 per day$800
Cost to install wallpaper – estimate2 walls$250 per wall$500
DIY Drapes – estimate (does not include installation)6 panels$189 per panel
$199 per rod
DIY Plantation shutters – estimate (does not include installation)3 panels$1581
Power outlets for bedside tables – estimate2$180 each$360
Wall lights – bedside (incl install) – estimate2$250 each$500
Pendant lights – small (incl install) – estimate2$250 each$500
Pendant light – large (incl install) – estimate1$600
Mattress & base – queen size1$2667
Bed head – queen size1$599
Bedside table2$299 each$598
Tallboy dresser2$2159 each$4318
Custom Wardrobe – estimate1$5197
Floor rug – large1$1199
Armchair2$1549 each$3098
Wall art set of 31 set$464
Wall art2$65 each$130
Mirror – large1$499
Luxury high loft quilt – king size1$299.99
Duvet cover – king size1$219.99
Luxury high loft european pillow 2$79.99 each$159.98
European pillow case2$39.99$79.98
Luxury high loft standard pillow4$69.99$279.96
Washed linen standard pillow cover2 sets$99.99 per set$199.98
Washed linen white fitted sheet – queen size1$179.99
Washed linen valance – queen size1$129.99
Linen throw1$119.99
Lamb hide throw1$240
Accent cushion for bed1$79.95
Lumber cushion for armchair2$99.95 each$199.90
Trinket tray – metal1$21.95
Trinket tray – leather with personalised initials1$77
Jewellery box1$149.95
Watch box1$269
Accessory – palm tree1$89.95

This is a big investment for anyone, but it can be made more achievable by having a clear plan that you can implement over a year or two. One of the services I provide are Virtual DIY Room Design Packages, and I generally have a project of this nature on the go all the time. We love working with our clients, and we’re now booking into 2021. Get in touch here if you’re ready to create the perfect space for your home or workplace!

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Image: Omar Rodriguez @ormphotography