Pedestal Drinking tables to Elevate your Guest’s Experience

Single drink tables are making a comeback; and it’s a chic trend that I haven’t seen for a long time and perfect for improving your customer service and create an elevated customer experience (and ultimately perfecting your beauty salon customer retention strategy). This is the prefect piece of furniture for your lounge, or even your beauty business & hairsalon interior decor.

First & Last Impressions Last

A beauty business to me is more than just a place to have a haircut or waxing done once a month. It’s a space that I can get a chance rejuvenate and become my best version of me again, giving me confidence for an important upcoming meeting or presentation, or just a bit of time out. Your space may be the only bit of ‘me time’ some people get (or even a time where they can sit down for an hour or two and have light conversation with someone who’s not a child).

Place emphasis on the experience and the feeling of a haircut, a treatment or a coffee. Personalise the little details & small interactions that people will remember in their experience. Remember perception is everything: it is about creating & leaving the right impression.

When you offer guests a beverage or treat, ensure you provide a suitable place for resting a cup of coffee or a glass of water. The re-emergence of the pedestal drinking table is perfect for this, and add that touch of classic glamor to any space. The fact that they are small makes them perfect for positioning wherever & whenever you need them, without taking up valuable space. Many of these single drink tables are less than 30cm diameter.

When you choose a pedestal drinking table, make sure your selection is appropriate for the space you have available, what you can afford, not too big, and ensure the table has a heavy base to enhance stability. Choose a piece that is on-brand for your business but not too quirky. Beware of using designs incorporating glass.

  1. West Elm Silhouette Pedestal Drink Table, 2. West Elm Mid Century Drink table, 3. West Elm Faceted Brass Drink table, 4. West Elm Murray Drink table, 5. West Elm Hudson Drink table, 6. Boyd Blue Davies Accent table, 7. Boyd Blue Fitz Accent table, 8. Boyd Blue Elis Gold side table

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“I never thought I would hire an Interior Designer, but you were so easy to work with and I think one of the most valuable parts of the experience for me was that you had access to suppliers and products that I would never have known existed. Plus, there was the fact that you have great taste and understanding about what can make rooms feel comfortable and come alive.”

Kara MacIsaac – Absolu Hair Salon

Featured image: by Hassan Ouajbir, Unsplash

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Image: Omar Rodriguez @ormphotography