Simple ways to make your home feel more stylish & luxurious

Many people ask me what they can do to make their home look put-together and ‘expensive’. What makes a home look luxurious? Luxury style is subjective, however there are some key characteristics that are common, regardless of the style of your home or your budget. Luxury is not just about how much you spend, but identifying what makes you feel enjoyment of your home, and elevating that experience. A good Interior Designer does not slavishly resort to copying the latest passing trend; they will work with you to create a home that you can live comfortably in & appreciate what you have.

Luxury to me is not about buying expensive things; it’s about living in a way where you appreciate things.

Oscar de la Renta

Classic & Neutral

Not everything in your space has to be ‘a classic’, however you will rarely go wrong if key investment pieces like a lounge suite are of a classic style and finished in neutral tones; they will stay looking fresh far longer, and will pair well with any feature pieces such as a an occasional chair or a treasured heirloom.

Less is More

As Mies van der Rohe said, “Less is More”. Before you splash out on something new, think about exactly where it will fit within your space, and if it does what is intended. Pare down on the flotsam and jetsam within your home that is no longer used or treasured, in order to allow for those special pieces you love to be displayed & noticed.

Plan around your Daily Rituals

Everyone has those daily rituals that help you get going in the morning, or to get you settled into a relaxing weekend mode. What can be more luxurious than accomodating self-care? Is your morning coffee and breakfast your favourite time of day? Plan a coffee station or breakfast station in your kitchen renovation. Do you regularly have baths & want to feel like you’re at a spa when you have a shower? Create a spa-inspired bathroom renovation. Do you love to read? Create a reading nook in a quiet corner. Do you practice yoga or meditation? Dedicate an area for your practice. Is it setting the scene for Breakfast in Bed?

Delight your senses

Luxury home design ideas don’t have to stop at the material elements. Focus on the senses to elevate that element of luxury to the next level.

Music, especially those soothing tones will diffuse a sense of luxury, sophistication & comfort to your home; add some favourites and accentuate your own unique style. Whether you’re an audiophile and display your record collection, or opt for a discreet wall mounted system from Bose or a beautiful statement speaker from Bang & Olufsen, music can play a big part in elevating the mood of a space.

Scent has the power to remind us of favourite places. Do you want to be transported away to another place; find a fragrance that smells like the beach or a spa destination. Molton Brown fragrances always remind me of overseas travel & my experience of designing airline lounges for Emirates. Embark on a search for your own signature scent. A diffuser is a great way of achieving this; use Doterra or Dusk essential oils, or a Jo Malone room spray to set the mood for the ultimate in luxurious relaxation. Scented candles are another option, however I avoid them in my home as the smoke can affect some people, as wall as being a fire hazard.

Our sense of touch is especially keen at home, where we can remove our shoes, touch surfaces and relax down in a sofa. Introduce a variety of different surfaces & textures into your home wherever you can; real wool, linen, stone, wood in all their different forms whether they are a wool rug underfoot or a sheepskin to soften a timber chair, real oak flooring that is a pleasure to walk on on bare feet, a marble benchtop or pure linen bedsheets.

“Luxury: …Use of costly & choice things for enjoyment; an enjoyable but not necessary thing; comfortable surroundings”

Collins Dictionary
Image: Tina Fleer via Unsplash

Invite nature inside

Introduce simple & unassuming flower arrangements. Consider growing sunflowers, hydrangea, Waratah, kangaroo paw, banksia, or protea that you can simply pick and pop in a vase. A simple bunch of herbs in a good jug on your kitchen bench will do & has the added benefit of being close at hand when needed. You don’t need to be a florist to benefit from everyday luxuries in the home.

Fire is an important part of our evolution, and continues to be an important element that assists in relaxation and meditation. A fireplace becomes a focal point for a social gathering; candles offer an alternative to harsh electric lighting. Fireplaces and candles are no longer an essential tool for warmth, cooking and lighting; they have become elevated to a luxury within the home.

Image: Armin Djulic via Unsplash

Show your Style & Personal history

A house devoid of memories, photos, books, a collection or art is not a home to be lived in. Only a display home should exhibit that extent of lack of personality. According to Meik Wiking in “The Art of Making Memories”, having happy memories is good for your health, and displaying objects & photos “allows us to be children again & allows us to revisit the places where we where loved”. Likewise, collections, art and books that bring us pleasure should be displayed where they can be enjoyed daily, not tucked away in a cupboard collecting dust & forgotten.

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