Create an Instagrammable backdrop for your retail space

One of my Blog articles, When Your Client heard about you through Instagram…, explained why it’s important to align your physical premises & quality of service with your social presence. How do you do this, and keep it eyecatching, relevant & on-brand in your hospitality space or salon?

Maximise the space you already have and create an eyecatching backdrop for a selfie station or instagrammable wall to encourage customers to snap pics, or so you can get those fantastic in-salon before & after hair shots.

Put your own spin onto some basic ideas, and translate the ‘selfie-station’ into a WOW-factor for your space, but beware of falling into the trap of duplicating what someone else has done.

The Golden rules

An Instagrammable backdrop need to be:

  • Visually appealing & fun
  • Reflect the feel and mood of your brand
  • Identify the perfect location: where are your clients already taking photos? A highly visible location, central for people to see, and close to a high traffic area without creating congestion is perfect. Do you already have a scenic spot?
  • Add a sign and include your logo and hashtag
  • Create a backdrop – it can be a permanent or seasonal display
  • Natural daylight is the perfect medium for lighting
  • Good lighting for a professional effect to avoid a dark grainy photo. Experiment with balancing lighting: if you place lighting int he background, then ensure that you also place lights in front so that faces are clearly visible in photos & not in shadow.
  • Consider if you need seating, and make it fun

To DIY or not to DIY?

Consider if you have the skill level – or the time & energy – to DIY your instagrammable wall or if it’s best left to a professional; poorly executed job will look amateurish and cliche. A professional Interior Designer will be able to guide you in the best options to suit your space and needs, provide advise on lighting, seating and signage to create a cohesive display, and recommend professional artist, florist or signage contractor to create it so you are making the most of money well spent.

In my new blog post, I’ll delve into some Creative Ideas for Instagrammable backdrops & interchangeable signage. Keep in touch to read on. In the meantime, go to my Pinterest page with a collection of ideas for you to explore for inspiration.

(please pin the below graphic to your pinterest board for reference)

So, why Hire an Interior Designer?

Unfortunately many people get confused or intimidated by the idea of hiring a professional Interior Designer for their project, and might be concerned about the process of working with a designer & the costs of doing so.

A lot of people I meet feel that they can hire a builder and do the design themselves, selecting materials and fixtures in dribs and drabs, often at the last minute (leading to less choice) with poor planning & lack of an overall vision. This will lead increased costs due to changes, additions and variations that the builder will not have allowed for.

Photo: Sharon Mc Cutcheon @sharonmccutcheon

You will save money & time. Your designer will plan functional and appealing spaces, provide drawings, visualisations & material / furnishing selections in a strategic manner so you can get competitive quotes, and you know what the design will look like & cost right from the start.

You require a Qualified Interior Designer & Registered Building Practitioner for any commercial project or residential project that requires a building permit; a proper interior designer is a highly trained & experienced registered professional, not just someone with ‘a good eye for colour’ and a knack for picking furniture.

“Thank you so much for all your hard work on our brand new space…Our clients adore the new space just as much as we had visualised in our very first meeting. We spoke about how a salon should feel the moment you step through the door and how to make this happen. After purchasing this space (an empty concrete shell) I didn’t have any idea of where to start. You started creating this amazing space and brought to life what I thought was never possible”

Kara MacIsaac – Absolu Hair Salon
Photo: Sharon Mc Cutcheon @sharonmccutcheon

Let’s make something beautiful together, book an appointment to explore your dream project.

Image: Omar Rodriguez @ormphotography