Creative Ideas for Instagrammable Backdrops

In my last blog post we discussed The Golden Rules of creating an Instagrammable backdrop for your Retail space which is keep it eye-catching, relevant & on-brand in your hospitality space or salon

Here are some Ideas for creative Instagrammable walls and selfie stations; put your own spin onto these, and elevate the ‘selfie-station’ into a WOW-factor for your space.

Instagrammable wall ideas

Whatever style of background you choose, make sure it is right for the application and for your brand

A mural or graffiti creates a custom effect, and the style of a mural can vary in a multitude of different ways to suit any mood, while graffiti has a distinct look. You could opt to commission a local artist as a great way of connecting with the local community, or have a custom wallpaper or a standard installation with the look you are after.

Even standard paint can make an impact, and now Artisan paints are available from Dulux, Haymes and Porters Paints – see my blog article exploring Artisan paints

Another way of introducing a great visual element & connecting with local culture is an artistic installation – perhaps a paper wall mural or sculpture installation?

Standard wallpapers are a great way of introducing pattern and texture to a wall, and come in a so many styles you’d be hard pressed not to find something to suit. Beware any wallpapers you select must comply with the fire rating requirements set out in the national construction code.

Introduce plants for a natural vibe: a real or artificial vertical garden wall, a reindeer moss installation (moss can also be used for signage), or a dried plant installation.

Emphasise your branding colour – perhaps go all out in one corner of your space and highlight your branding colour in everything from the flooring, to seating, to wall, to sign, to accessories.

Have fun with Signs for changeable #hashtag messages

Lightbox, letterboard, neon sign or marquee sign – beware that all different signs have a very different feel, and may not suit your brand, however some like a Lightbox are easily changeable for a bit of fun to add a hashtag or two.

Ready made neon signs are more accessible than ever, and just by googling ‘neon signs melbourne’ you’ll find numerous suppliers of ready to order signs perfect for backdrops.

Vinyl wall sticker letters are another option for a custom message.

Individual marquee letters or custom MDF cutout letters spray painted in your brand colours on a ledge are another option for a changeable message.

Visit my Pinterest page with a collection of ideas for you to explore for inspiration…

So, why Hire an Interior Designer?

Unfortunately many people get confused or intimidated by the idea of hiring a professional Interior Designer for their project, and might be concerned about the process of working with a designer & the costs of doing so.

A lot of people I meet feel that they can hire a builder and do the design themselves, selecting materials and fixtures in dribs and drabs, often at the last minute (leading to less choice) with poor planning & lack of an overall vision. This will lead increased costs due to changes, additions and variations that the builder will not have allowed for.

(please pin the below graphic to your pinterest board for reference)

Photo: Arun Kuchibhotla @arunkuchibhotla

You will save money & time. Your designer will plan functional and appealing spaces, provide drawings, visualisations & material / furnishing selections in a strategic manner so you can get competitive quotes, and you know what the design will look like & cost right from the start.

You require a Qualified Interior Designer & Registered Building Practitioner for any commercial project or residential project that requires a building permit; a proper interior designer is a highly trained & experienced registered professional, not just someone with ‘a good eye for colour’ and a knack for picking furniture

“My dream was to mirror the atmosphere of our smaller salon around the corner, which we had built up over a number of years. We now have a bigger space than ever, and still have been able to carry out dreams of a warm & welcoming boutique salon that looks unique, fresh & spacious thanks to you Lisa”

Kara MacIsaac – Absolu Hair Salon

Photo: Arun Kuchibhotla @arunkuchibhotla

Let’s make something beautiful together, book an appointment to explore your dream project.

Image: Omar Rodriguez @ormphotography