Salon Concept Design

Scroll over the 360o Panoramic Render above to explore the space

This hair salon concept design features a contemporary and on-trend 2023 aesthetic with rich and warm copper coloured finishes throughout the space. The salon is characterised by its arched openings and furnishings, which create a sense of organic flow and openness between different areas of the space.

The floors are made of polished concrete, adding an industrial edge to the overall design, while the walls are adorned with copper-toned velvet curtains, tinted mirror & glass, adding a touch of sophistication and texture to the space.

The exposed ceiling services create an industrial vibe, with the electrical and mechanical systems being left exposed and painted in a neutral tone to blend in with the rest of the space.

The salon features several styling stations with halo-illuminated mirrors, providing ample space for stylists to work with their clients. Each station is equipped with a comfortable chair and side table for clients to rest a beverage while enjoying a pampered treatment.

The reception area features a stylish desk made of moulded timber and a terrazzo countertop. Rope LED pendant lights hang overhead, casting a warm glow throughout the space.

Two luxury beauty and wellness rooms, as well as a client powder room offer complementary services in a serene environment, with timber floors, quality wall finishes, dropped feature ceilings with downlighting and concealed LED strip lighting.

Generous and practical staff tea room facilities and separate powder room are concealed behind a blush-tinted mirror lined wall.

To create a comfortable and inviting atmosphere, the salon includes a waiting area with a plush boucle armchairs in shades of deep wine, with a coffee & beverage bar, providing a welcoming place for clients to relax before their appointment.

Overall, this hair salon concept design boasts a chic and sophisticated style, with an industrial edge and on-trend finishes that will keep clients coming back for more.

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