The Best Looking Sit to Stand Desks available in Australia for your Home Office

I’m always on the lookout for elegant solutions for sit to stand desks. Great looking options are hard to find and most sit to stand desks look like they’ve come straight from a call centre – practical but hardly suitable for a home office or an executive office. While searching for desks, I came across one Australian blog that listed some great sit to stand desks – the catch was 85% of the desks on their list were not even available in Australia!

Bear in mind, that it’s difficult to find any sit to stand desks that are Australian made; invariably the metal base mechanism is imported and the top is just cut and installed in Australia – as is the case with many workstations.

Basically, there are two options to consider:

  • A separate sit – stand desk, or
  • An adjustable stand on top of your existing desk

Note that a sit to stand desk generally can’t be built in; you generally can’t have it attached to storage. I’ve designed custom made reception desks in the past that integrate with cabinetry, but these require a fair bit of design & planning.

When purchasing a sit stand desk, look for:

  • Compliance with Australian standards for manufacture
  • Cabling integration/management is a priority since they go up & down & therefore your cabling must be tidy (and because they just look messy otherwise)
  • A stylish frame and a choice of finishes
  • An electric mechanism rather than wind-up (or you’ll be there all day winding it up and down)
  • Anti collision sensor
  • Pinch points (places where you can catch your fingers against other surfaces)
  • Depending on the room layout, do you need a modesty panel?
  • Trial the desk at showroom to ensure you’re happy with it
  • Definitely trial any desk mounted manually adjustable stand option; some of them can be really hard to move. I’ve tried one in Officeworks and couldn’t get it to adjust down at all.

Remember, you’ll need an extra power point to plug you motorised sit to stand desk into.

To optimise your desk space, when planning your home office design ask your interior designer about options for cabling, monitor stands, location of USB outlets, storage accessories, task lighting, etc.

Beware putting drawer units under the desk, for obvious reasons that the desk may hit and damage anything under it.

Keep kids away from the desk, they not designed for being played with and may overheat the mechanism if being toyed with too much (and obviously a young child could hurt themselves). Don’t sit or stand on your desk.

Many of the ‘nicer’ sit stand desks have a longer lead time 6 -16 weeks or more – check with your interior designer

Discover the 10 best Sit-to-stand & Standing desks available in Melbourne that I’ve spent time searching for to compile for you here:

Photo: Movi

Movi Standing Desk – This has to be the neatest, most inconspicuous, and streamlined designs for a motorised desktop mounted unit I’ve seen so far – and it’s an Australian designed desk! You’ve got to see the videos on the website to really get an idea of how this works. It’s so thin when it’s not in use. I’d love one for my studio!

Photo: Bureau

Bureau, Walter Knoll, Exec V 7300 – Bureau is an established furniture supplier in Melbourne that I’ve worked with on various projects for many years. Their classic Walter Knoll range now offers a beautiful adjustable executive desk, with tops available in timber or linoleum and a beautiful polished T-leg base, the range also offers options for storage and returns which many height adjustable desks lack.

Photo: Hub

Hub, ICF NoTable Desk is an adjustable desk & table range from Italian firm ICF which opened in the 1950’s. This range features classic lines and a choice of either a polished aluminium or a combination of black and aluminium for the base. A classic desk to suit most modern style home offices or commercial office spaces

Photo: Interstudio

Interstudio, Mo Work is a modern design that can be customised with linoleum desktop which appeals to me for it’s softer finish, with choice of frame finish. Drawers and cable management options available.

Photo: Zenith

Zenith, Orbis height adjustable work desk with Glovebox. the Glovebox provides a neat hidden cable management solution, made from recycled PET.

Photo: Living Edge

Living Edge, Herman Miller, Atlas freestanding single desk is a streamlined with desk with a neat little cable management tray concealed under the desk – a much neater option than the usual offering. Designed by Herman Miller, know for their timeless designs.

Photo: Anibou

Anibou, USM, Kitos Table comes with options for modesty panel, cable management, privacy panel, etc. Designed by USM, also known for timeless design, with a matching office storage range offering available.

Photo: Ownworld

Ownworld, Thinking Works, Screenliner is a cute desk with an acoustic screen to create your own little cubby space, and lots of integrated storage for phone and glasses (a bit like a car console), it can even come with built in ambient lighting. Thinking Works is an Australian furniture design company.

Photo: Fred International

Fred International, Libri standing desk is not adjustable, but a good solution if you need a small mobile standing desk for a laptop – great for a home office in a rental or apartment space.

Photo: Criteria Collection

Criteria Collection, Mattermade, HS1 60″ desk is available in a range of colours and timber finishes, I see no reason why it could not be installed at a standing height; another great solution for a small home office or apartment space.

Photo: Criteria Collection

Like Butter, Flat Pack Standing Desk is an Australian made home office standing desk, with a great lead time and price.

When considering the amount of time you stand for work, you may want to consider an anti fatigue mat.

Above is an image of a custom made anti fatigue mat, with the outer finish selected by the designer in Bolon woven vinyl flooring to tie in with the floor finish. These mats are quite thick, and have a ramped edge in the path of foot traffic, and have the option to be cut around built in joinery for a tailored finish.

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