Pascoe Vale House – A fresh approach to Vintage (Planning Stage)

Location: Pascoe Vale, Melbourne
Client: Young family
Builder: E.A Constructions
Status: Work in Progress (Commenced April 2015)
Project: Interior Design in a tiny existing single story Art Deco brick veneer house in Pascoe Vale, originally built for a WWII war veteran, which is currently undergoing extensive structural renovations to suit a young family. The design brief is to design a light, bright family bathroom & laundry, and to provide colour & finishes advise for a new kitchen, for a renovation that was already in construction.

Existing conditions plan

Existing conditions plan

With one young boy of 2 and another child on the way in a few months, they are eager to complete renovations on their home that began 2 years ago. The first stage of the renovation was to extend the small home of 73 sq metres to effectively double the area to 143 sq metres, adding an additional dining room, lounge and master bedroom.

New floor plan

New floor plan

Another year down the track, the new walls surrounding the bathroom & laundry have been built, and this patient couple have been living with a temporary second-hand bathroom, laundry and kitchen fittings, and are now ready to commence the second stage and fully renovate these areas. They recently came to me asking for ideas on where to start for the arrangement of their bathroom and laundry, and assistance with the selection of Kitchen finishes.


Existing temporary bathroom

Existing temporary bathroom

Existing temporary bathroom

Existing temporary laundry

Existing temporary laundry

We’ve commenced with sketch ideas for the bathroom & laundry layout. The existing bathroom is expanding from 5.4 to 7 square metres (with a separate wc), whilst the Laundry is increasing from 6 to 7 square metres, fully taking advantage of every available inch of space.

Bathroom & Laundry - Layout option 1

Bathroom & Laundry – Layout option 1

The main focus at this stage is on getting the bathroom layout perfect, and initial sketch options were presented; one with a standard built-in bath, and a second with the bath as the centerpiece of the space which has immediately caught their attention with it’s potential.

Bathroom & laundry - Layout Option 2

Bathroom – Layout Option 2

As we progress with the design, my client and I will consider colour & finish preferences, massage the layout and fine-tune the details like fittings selection & storage.

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