Storybook Hollow Cubby

Employer:  Smith Madden Group

Client:  Kids Under Cover

Project:  Cubby House Challenge, Royal Melbourne Flower & Garden Show 2013

Role:  Project design leader & documentation, materials procurement & cold-calling, project management and site meeting attendance

For the second year I participated in this exciting charity event,  responsible for obtaining donations of all materials (which involved cold-calling), arranging delivery to site & project management with builders Harris HMC.

The design concept was for a fairytale building to excite the imagination of young children and create a sculptural element in the back yard.  Practical and fanciful features include blossom shaped LED lighting, patterned woven Bolon flooring for practicality, and a ladder up to the internal mezzanine area and a fireman’s pole to slide down.

I also volunteered my time at the Show to present the cubby houses to the general public.

See more at:

Kids Under Cover

Better Homes & Gardens – Episode 8, 22 March 2013 – see the video of the episode with a glimpse inside the cubby!

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