Commercial Portrait - Lisa ElliottI’m Lisa Michelle Elliott.  Since 1997, I’ve been guiding business owners, managers and staff through the process of planning, design and building their offices, retail & hospitality spaces, and homes, in Australia and Internationally.

You, as a business owner want to be master of your own destiny, and lead your company in the direction you desire.  Now you need your place of business to reflect your passion & vision for your company.

Whether you have a small or medium business, you don’t have to be big to make a big impact with your staff and clients.

In pursuit of developing your business, you (and your staff) have made lots of sacrifices, working in a small space, making do with not-so-perfect desks, sharing facilities that you as a team have outgrown.  Not to mention all the personal sacrifices you’ve made…..

Why you need to contact me:

You know were (and when) you want to get – a great interior design that reflects the business that you’ve built from the ground up.  But don’t know where & how to start.  You’ve been sketching little plans, maybe collecting ideas on Pinterest, made purchases and alterations that don’t really work the way you planned.  You’ve made do up until now.

How I can help you:

You need help finding a space that’s perfect for you & your team;  together we can review various sites, and compare services, see if you’ll fit now and into the future.

You don’t know how long the whole process of planning, design, tender, decision-making and construction will take;  together we can plan your project, keeping your deadlines.

You’re not sure how much it will cost;  I work closely with a number of local builders and we can together work with you to establish a fitout budget that meets all your expectations.

Why you need an Interior Designer:

I am a your problem-solver.

You need an analysis of where your staff are now, how they work, who they work with.  And what they need.  Your workplace needs to be flexible, adaptable.

You need a plan for future expansion.  You need a feasibility analysis of all your options and plans to realise your company’s potential.

Your company is evolving.  Does your space reflect your company values, culture and goals?  Does it present the right image to your staff and clients?  You need a custom design tailored to your needs.

You need to improve staff retention, and attract new staff.  Your staff need to have pride in their workplace, and feel it’s working hard for them.

What you are interested in:

This is YOUR vision.  I’m here to craft it to suit you.

Contact me for an appointment time that suits you today.

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If you’d like to learn more about me, please read my Biography.