Creating a Workplace that reflects your Vision – Introduction



As you sit here reading this remember that when you started your business, you had a Passion, a Vision for the future, and you Focused wholeheartedly on that.  You where, and still are the heart of your business.  Do you remember that Vision?  Do your clients & staff know and feel the excitement and passion you have?  Do they see it and experience it every day?  Do they remember it in every task?  Is it reflected in every part of your business?

You are a Leader!  You have Values!  Mission statements

Do your staff know?  Do your clients?  Does your workplace reflect your values?  Your workplace is a Yardstick for the quality of the services you offer.  It’s hard to be a Leader 110% of the time:  let your workplace do the hard yards for you day-in and day-out by reflecting your values to clients and staff.

Does your workplace reflect and enhance that Freedom?  Do you set an example for your staff?  Where are indicators of satisfaction?  Do you celebrate your successes?  Are you proud of your workplace and what it represents about you & your team?

You’ve joined this community for a purpose and I want to make sure that whatever the reason, that I help you as much as possible to transform your business and create an environment that inspires and supports you, your clients and your staff.

I’ll take you through the exact process that I use myself, and for my clients who are passionate about what they do, to create a blueprint for your workplace.

I started my design journey in 1999 with all the dedication and passion of a student fresh out of RMIT University.  Since then I’ve worked in small & medium businesses, and have designed for small & medium businesses.  I have designed for all manner of large & international businesses, and found something lacking. I have also seen the best that these businesses have to offer for owners and their staff, due to the scale.  Small businesses have Soul.  Small businesses have distinct advantages for the individual on a human scale, that I value and want to work hard for to nurture.

Early in 2014, after my own soul searching, I found that I could not bear to continue working in design firms that use the same shallow formula time and again.  Even though I was working in a creative field, I felt wholly un-creative.  In my conversations with friends and old colleagues, they’re saying the same thing, and leaving the workforce early altogether or starting up their own businesses.

For 10 years I’ve been lucky enough to design for a number of  Australian & International companies with a strong vision – among them are  Air New Zealand Lounges (conceptual branding), Emirates Airlines Lounges (16 projects internationally), Etihad Airlines Lounges (4 projects internationally), as well as offices for The White Agency, Citrus & The Body Shop.  I bring this expertise to share with you.

I’m here to challenge you to want something more for your own business and your staff, do something different, delving deeper and finding new inspiration and new solutions, and a wholistic approach.

So I ask, what is really important to you?

Here’s what you’re going to learn:

Part 1:  This is your Vision
Part 2:  Create a Moodboard and share your Vision
Part 3:  Your Business has Soul

Thank you for taking the time to join my community and share in my Passion for small businesses in Melbourne

Yours Sincerely,